Expanding Accessibility Through PerformCare

Samaritan Center is now accepting Pennsylvania Medical Assistance through its credentialing with PerformCare. Ever since the Center’s inception in 1987, they have created a legacy of making mental health services available to all, including those with financial hardships. By accepting PerformCare, Samaritan Center has the chance to expand that legacy, so that hope and healing can continue to be fostered in the local community and beyond. “With our ongoing relationships with major insurance companies, our various funds to help those in need, and now PerformCare coverage, we are truly accessible to everyone,” comments Steve Schedler, Samaritan Center Executive Director. The landscape regarding the uninsured has shifted in recent years – and those previously without insurance are now eligible for PerformCare for their behavioral and mental health care needs. “By adding PerformCare to our list of accepted insurances, our services are now available to thousands of additional community members, in Lancaster and beyond,” Steve states. PerformCare will also expand the referral network with the Center’s community partners.

One of Samaritan Center’s therapists, Sarah Jones, PhD, recently had the opportunity to meet with the Center’s first PerformCare client. “Individuals formerly unable to access our services will now be able to benefit from the effectiveness, kindness, and compassion of our therapists,” Sarah says. And Samaritan Center’s team of licensed professionals will also benefit from working with this clientele, as they increase their skill sets and overall effectiveness as therapists. “I’m excited to work with our new clients: it will allow me to see their mental barriers, which in turn will help us to determine what other services we have that can be beneficial for them,” she continues.

In addition to its therapists’ wide array of specialty areas, another unique element of Samaritan Center is its faith-sensitive approach to mental health services. “Everyone should have access to spiritually integrated counseling if they choose,” remarks Sarah. As she prepares to meet with her new PerformCare clients on a regular basis, she looks forward to helping them grow. “These individuals often have bigger barriers than some of our other clients – and in working with them, we are hopeful that we can eliminate one of those barriers,” Sarah concludes. Samaritan Center provides a high level of quality and specialized care that is not always accessible to everyone – and through the addition of PerformCare, this will bridge yet another gap in ensuring these services are available to all.

Samaritan Center also continues to expand its accessibility to the local community with the addition of a second location in downtown Lancaster. Stay tuned for more information, coming April 1st.

If you have PerformCare coverage, getting started with Samaritan Center is easy! We have immediate openings for both in-person and virtual counseling. You can read about our therapists and their respective backgrounds here. To schedule an appointment, please call our main line at 717-560-9969.

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