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Do you want to save your company or nonprofit time, energy, and resources in your next executive search? Our experienced consultants based in southcentral Pennsylvania handle the day-to-day tasks involved in an executive-level search from start to finish, helping you find just the right candidate to serve as a leader in your organization. Every step of the way, our team is there to make the process as simple and painless as possible.

Download our PDF, “What does the executive search process look like?”, with a deep-dive into our process.

Recruiting & Sourcing

The first thing we do is interview your leadership and tour the facility of your company to better understand your organization’s history, goals, values and culture.

Next, we use a proprietary profiling tool to identify the key leadership traits and abilities needed to be successful in the position, and to develop a job profile. The position is then advertised and posted on job boards that best fit your organization.

Screening of Candidates

In the next step, we manually screen the resumes sent in for your position and conduct initial phone screenings and in-person or online first interviews. This helps us determine an individual’s competency and functionality for your position, as well as their fit within your workplace culture.

References & Assessments

After determining the final candidates to be interviewed, all references are contacted and screened by our team. In this step, we also administer and interpret assessments that reveal a candidate’s natural tendencies at work.

Client Support & Recommendations

The last step of the executive search process includes the final interview process, drafting of interview questions, support during the decision-making phase, and more.

You can read more about using an executive search firm here.


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A testimonial from one of Samaritan Consulting Group’s clients:

“Jim did an excellent job facilitating our search for a new CEO of Tabor Community Services (now Tenfold). I found him to be very professional, detailed, thorough in executing his process, non-biased and accommodating to our needs. … Throughout the process, he was available to me as the head of the (search) committee and made sure nothing was missed in the process. … And most importantly, we hired a great person to lead our organization into the future.”

Paul Currie, Head of Search Committee for Tabor CEO, Owner of Currie Business Advisers

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