The Samaritan Counseling Center is an accredited member of the Solihten Institute. Solihten is an interfaith counseling network of more than 50 centers across the United States that serve the healing and wholeness of nearly 70,000 children, teens, men, women and veterans every year.

Prior to 2019, Solihten operated as Samaritan Institute. The Institute was originally formed in 1972 when a physician, two congregation clergy, and a seminary professor in Elkhart, Indiana, joined to form a counseling resource that integrated what people believe into how they heal.

Today Solihten continues that mission by recruiting, accrediting, connecting, educating and advancing counseling centers that practice one of the most effective paths to healing: spiritually-integrated therapy.

All Solihten-member centers are expected to achieve full accreditation. This includes maintaining sound organizational structures, efficient management and administration, high-quality clinical processes, appropriate personnel and financial practices, and professional accountability. The accreditation process occurs every 4 years.

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