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Why does a nonprofit counseling center have a consulting division?

Samaritan Counseling Center’s mission is to build healthy minds and strong communities. The consulting division was an expansion of that mission into the business community that began in 2013, when Samaritan acquired LMA Consulting Group and integrated it into the center as its organizational development consulting department.

In addition to contributing to the mission of Samaritan, our profits also help to subsidize counseling and mental health care fees for children, individuals, couples and families with little or no financial resources who are coming to the center.

You can meet all of our team members here.

What do your consulting services cost?

It depends. The best way to determine the cost of your project or service is to have a conversation with us. This allows us to fully understand the challenge or issue you’re facing, and to develop a customized plan with a specific cost. Often we can provide a proposal with an estimated cost within 2-3 business days of having a conversation with you.

What services do you provide?

We provide organizational development and executive search services. This includes coaching, training and leadership development, human resource consulting and more.

  • Coaching: Career, executive and leadership, performance, retirement, and life.
  • Training: Soft skills (i.e. time management, assertiveness, teambuilding, and more); leadership development and supervisory; mindfulness and self-compassion; group coaching.
  • Human resource consulting: Employee surveys and experience; performance appraisal programs; compensation and salary reviews; audits; personnel problems; hiring and development assessments.
  • Executive search: For CEO, CFO, and other C-suite positions, as well as executive director and other leadership roles.


What does a career coach do?

A career coach helps individuals who recently lost their job or who are looking to transition into a new career or industry. They walk through the job search and preparation process with you, and sessions can include career exploration, assessments, resume development, interview skills building and more.

You can learn more about the work of a career coach in this article written by one of our coaches.

Is coaching really worth it?

Yes. In one study, 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and more than 70% describe benefits like improvements in work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills after working with a coach.

Coaching is a powerful way to invest in growth as a business owner, manager or supervisor, both for yourself and for your team.

You can learn more about the different types of coaching available for you and your team here.

What does a human resources consultant do?

HR consultants provide support to internal human resource departments or businesses with no formal HR department by providing a variety of services, such as compensation and salary reviews, or general consulting on difficult issues.

You can learn more about the ways an HR consultant can help you in this article written by one of our team members.

What assessments should my company be using?

It depends on what the goal of the assessments is, but typically we recommend and use the Activity Vector Analysis (AVA), the 16 Personality Factor (16pf), the DiSC Profile, the 360-Degree Assessment and the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator Report.

You can learn more about each assessment and when to use them in this article written by one of our team members.

Do you currently have any open training classes?

Yes. We are currently running the Human Resource Management Academy and the Professional Development Series with at ABC Keystone in Manheim. You do not need to be a member of the association to attend any of the classes.

Check here on our website to view any public trainings offered at our headquarters or, if you would like to stay in the loop about upcoming trainings, you can sign up for our email list here.

Do you have any resources you’d recommend for creating a healthy organization and healthy leaders?

We provide weekly emails with resources, tips, and details about upcoming classes or events that you can sign up for here. You can also check out the articles from our consulting team here:

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Where are you located?

We share our offices and conference room with Samaritan Counseling Center, which is located at 1803 Oregon Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601, next to Highland Presbyterian.

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