New People, New Perspectives

I love meeting new people. In my role here at Samaritan Center, I get to follow our new hires from the initial interview through the onboarding process. In 2024, we’ve welcomed a cohort of individuals who will be making a significant impact on many areas of the organization. Working with people just joining us means there are usually a lot of questions to answer. Having served in similar roles in the past, this is routine and expected. However, I’m learning something new this time.

Every question someone asks doesn’t just tell me what they want to know, it tells me how we can grow.

If people are asking the same questions, it means that I can better explain a specific process or area of Samaritan Center to them. It’s easy to spend most of my time trying to be as helpful as possible and answer every question – but I’m learning that if I use some of that energy to understand why a question is raised, I can begin working on the root issues.

Each of our new staff bring valuable experience we can learn from as an organization and ultimately, help us to grow!

By Jimmy Elsner, Operations Manager

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