All Roads Lead Home

We have a family joke that “all roads lead home,” which is intended to relieve anxiety about being lost when we are traveling. I also think of that phrase as it relates to the various roads that lead to the relief of psychological or emotional pain. Situations can be straightforward where individual therapy to develop strategies can accomplish the client’s goals. Other situations can be more complicated and can be best resolved with multiple approaches.

There are times when, in addition to individual therapy, issues can best be resolved with family members joining a few sessions to provide additional support and input. Having parent input when working with children is an integral component to treatment. Other situations may benefit from a consistent inclusion of a spouse or family members who can play important roles in addressing the problems within a marriage or family. Samaritan Counseling Center’s therapists do an amazing job working within these parameters.

In addition to working within our counseling services, our therapists frequently refer clients to our in-house groups for meditation training, which can be invaluable in calming the mind to allow for improved coping. We also recognize the benefits of referring clients to services in the community as needed, such as pastoral counseling, medication evaluations, support groups, coaching, and skills groups.

So, while there are times a direct route is the fastest way home, slowing down and following detour signs can be just what you need to get there. I’m proud to be part of an incredible team of therapists with expert maps who recommend the best routes home.

By Beth Mull, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist 

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