We Are Samaritan Center

Throughout our 36-year history,

The Samaritan Counseling Center, originally named Samaritan Center of Lancaster County, has been committed to supporting and empowering individuals, couples, and families through the provision of professional counseling services.

12 years after its establishment, Samaritan added to its array of services with Congregation and Clergy Care, an education and consultation service for faith communities and their leaders. TeenHope, an anxiety and depression screening program for teens, was launched in 2013. In the same year, Samaritan Consulting Group which provides organizational development and executive search services to businesses and non-profit organizations was established. These programs have expanded the number of individuals, businesses, and organizations Samaritan serves and brought greater visibility to our organization.

Over the years, our program expansion has been carefully considered, deliberate, and in alignment with our mission of fostering hope and healing through professional counseling, consultation, and education while respecting and integrating personal and spiritual values. Today, we proudly service clients and organizations from Lancaster and surrounding counties with a clinical, administrative, and program staff of 40+ and 15 consultants. We continue to reach and respond to ever-changing community needs through our service and program diversification.

Mindful of the growth and evolution of our services, and after careful consideration and consultation with our constituent groups, Samaritan’s Board of Directors has concluded the Center will be best served with a new name that allows it to reflect more accurately the array of services the Center provides and enables each of its programs the greater opportunity to establish their identity/brand and promote their offerings.

Moving forward, our organization will be known as Samaritan Center.


Samaritan Center will be the “parent” organization and led by the tagline – Empowering People and Organizations – to communicate the organization’s overall impact in our community. All our programs – Samaritan Counseling Center, Samaritan Consulting Group, Congregation, and Clergy Consulting, and TeenHope will continue to operate under the non-profit umbrella of the parent organization.

Their names, services, teams, and community impact will remain the same.

It is important to note Samaritan Counseling Center has been and will continue to be Samaritan Center’s primary service. It was the genesis for our establishment and continues to be our largest program. As a non-profit organization, Samaritan Center both receives donations and generates revenue through services. We are very fortunate to receive financial support from individual donors, businesses, foundations, and churches. Additionally, any of our programs and services can generate revenue for the Center. All donations and revenues are used to support the founding principle of Samaritan Center, subsidizing mental health services and screenings for those that need it most.

Every person that has given a donation or paid for a service has a profound impact on our mission. Samaritan Center will always remain committed to fulfilling our purpose and providing programs and services that empower people and organizations. We invite you to consider Samaritan Center and all of its offerings as a vital community resource now and in the future.

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