Ministry Assessment Program

Samaritan Center has been a beacon of support for individuals navigating the challenges of life, and in the past year, the Center’s Congregation and Clergy Consulting services have experienced remarkable growth and transformation. At the forefront of this expansion is the Ministry Assessment Program (MAP), a comprehensive initiative designed to assist association and denomination leaders, ministry committees, and individuals in ministry contemplating career changes.

The MAP offered at Samaritan Center has proven to be a valuable resource, assisting in three crucial areas. Firstly, it aids association and denomination leaders in assessing candidates for leadership roles, ensuring that congregations receive leaders who align with their values and vision. Secondly, the program provides detailed evaluations of candidates’ ministry readiness, offering insights to association and denomination leaders, as well as ministry committees. Lastly, MAP supports individuals in ministry who are exploring the possibility of a career change, guiding them through a thoughtful and introspective process.

To continue that growth and transformation, the team has welcomed additional experts to its ranks, strengthening its ability to serve the growing needs of congregations and clergy members. Psychologist Dr. Shelby Hardy and MAP Coordinator Jimmy Elsner have joined forces, with long-time coordinator David Miron, psychologist Dr. Lesley Huff, and Jim Weischedel, assessment analyst, to provide a robust support system for those amid transformative journeys within the ministry.

One of the standout features of the Samaritan Center’s approach is its commitment to reaching beyond local boundaries. While rooted in Lancaster, the Center has expanded its influence nationally, emphasizing values of integrity, thoroughness, and service orientation. This outreach ensures that the valuable resources and insights developed at the Center can benefit congregations and potential ministry candidates across the country, fostering a broader sense of community and shared growth.

As we reflect on the past year, the Samaritan Center’s Congregation and Clergy Consulting services have not only met the needs of those in transition within the ministry, but have also forged meaningful partnerships with churches, associations, and denominations. The dedication of the MAPs team is a testament to the Center’s commitment to fostering growth, transformation, and excellence within the realm of congregational and clergy support. The journey continues, and the Samaritan Center Congregation and Clergy group remains steadfast in its mission to provide invaluable guidance to those navigating the ever-evolving landscape of ministry.

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