A Q&A With Our Director of Consulting

In his 30-plus years of experience, Director of Consulting Scott Snyder has excelled at designing growth strategies, and building mentorship and teammate engagement/retention programs that deliver long-term success.

He came to Samaritan with an extensive background in health care practice and administration, as well as in creating organizational development programs for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Marketing & Administrative Coordinator Bethany Georgia recently interviewed him about his background, his experience and some advice he’d give to businesses today.

Looking at your resume, which includes years as a doctor, the director of consulting role could seem like a career shift. What inspired you to pursue this position at Samaritan?

I can see how it might look like that on paper, but actually, this role is an extension of my 30 years in practice and administration. Over the years I’ve worked on starting businesses, reorganizing struggling teams, growth strategizing, and teammate professional growth. Really, this role allows me to use the skill sets that were developed in those years, and to share my experiences with clients and teams to help them succeed.

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing businesses and organizations today?

Recruitment and retention of strong talent in the ever-changing work climate. In this atmosphere, innovative and proactive organizations will be the most successful with their ability to adapt.

What are some practical ways organizations can invest in their employees?

Well, obviously, proper compensation is a factor. But that is only one piece. The training and growth opportunities extended to employees is important for their success, as well as not only building, but practicing, a culture where employees want to come to work and engage with the organization. That culture being defined and upheld is key.

What is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen organizations make over the years?

Growth for the sake of profits, with no strategy or consideration of the team and culture. If the organization focuses on the people, the culture and a shared mission, and plans for success based on that, profits will follow. If it focuses only on profits and revenue, a revolving door of talent and resources will occur.

If you could give one piece of advice to a business owner or a leader within a company, what would it be?

Actively listen. Hear what your employees are telling you and the ideas they bring to the table. This environment allows for strategic growth while also encouraging teammate engagement and increasing their stake in the outcome. Plus, it helps your employees feel truly valued and not just like they are collecting a paycheck, which will improve the health and success of the organization.

Have more questions for Director of Consulting Scott Snyder? Reach out to him directly at ssnyder@scclanc.org or call 717-560-2805.

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