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Samaritan Center aims to engage individuals and groups on a variety of relevant topics. View Our Digital Courses & Services Catalog or preview our offerings below. Some training hosted here at our facility may be accepting sign-ups while other offerings may be delivered by one of our presenters on-site at your organization. Contact us below if you have questions about the content of a class or would like to see one of these classes offered on-site at your organization.

Change Through Compassion

On-site at your organization – contact us below

After completing the class, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and understand the theory and research supporting mindful self-compassion.
  • Motivate themselves with encouragement instead of self-criticism.
  • Use mindful self-compassion to assess and accept difficult situations and uncomfortable emotions more easily in the moment.
  • Respond to feelings of inadequacy or failure with kindness.
  • Use self-validation to transform difficult relationships.
  • Improve their daily lives by applying core mindfulness and self-compassion practices.
  • Participate in the rich and active alumni community, which continues to deepen their embodiment of these practices.

Classes may be available both online and in person. This health and wellness training can also be customized for faith communities, organizations, and businesses.

Additionally, mental health professionals can receive continuing education credits, or CEs, when completing the Core Skills Intensive (11 CEs) and the Workshop (24 CEs). The CEs for this program are provided by UC San Diego’s Center for Mindfulness, which is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.

According to the State Board of Pennsylvania, these CEs are accepted for psychologists, licensed social workers, licensed professional counselors, and licensed marriage and family therapists. Discounts are also provided for participants in the Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy Certificate Program, which is designed and hosted by the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.

Therapeutic Guide to Film About Grief & Loss

On-site at your organization – contact us below

The therapeutic guide on grief and loss can be used in a group setting spanning 10 to 12 sessions that has a facilitator and, ideally, no more than 12 members. Groups can also be broken into sub-groups of 2 or 3 for confidential and emotionally-safe sharing. Our therapists encourage individuals to go through the guide slowly, gently and reflectively with the promptings and poetry. A 28-page therapeutic guide on grief and loss accompanies the “Death Valley: A Love Story” film. Designed by licensed therapists at Samaritan, this guide serves as a gentle companion through the landscapes of grief.

Samaritan Counseling Center offers teaching, presentations, and film screenings with facilitated discussions for churches, retirement homes, grief support groups, and mental health professionals.

The cost of the DVD and Therapeutic Guide is $35.00, plus $5.00 for shipping & handling and the 6 percent Pennsylvania sales tax (only applies to Pennsylvania residents). Contact us below for purchase details.

Presentations typically fall into the two categories below, but they can be further customized to meet the needs of the audience. This customization can include adding clinical information so training qualifies for continuing education units for mental health professionals.

The Art & Soul of Grief

A 1-hour teaching presentation with video clips from, “Death Valley: A Love Story,” and a PowerPoint that explores the messy and non-linear journey of grief. Interwoven throughout the presentation are clinical aspects of grief, stories and details about how the film, “Death Valley: A Love Story,” came about.

At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to identify normal emotions associated with grief and loss, describe the value of creative arts in the grieving process, better understand and identify posthumous disillusionment, list three ways mindfulness can assist in the grieving process, and explain the differences between linear and circular grieving.

Film Screening & Discussion

A 1 1/2 to 2 hour presentation that includes a short presentation, a full screening of “Death Valley: A Love Story,” and a facilitated discussion afterward with a licensed therapist.

At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to explain the value of arts for dealing with grief and loss, describe the experience of approaching death from the perspective of someone who recently lost a loved one, and explain the value of reflecting on memories as part of the grieving process.

This project was initially made possible by a generous, anonymous donor who had the inspiration after seeing the original play by Sandra Fenichel Asher. For information about the stage play, please click here.

Any proceeds from Samaritan Center’s sale of this film on grief and loss and the guide will be used to subsidize fees for clients who need counseling but cannot afford the full fee for services.

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